Our Dress Code

Our policy at STAA is to have a dress code that reflects an attitude of respect.  The way we dress reflects our respect for ourselves, for our school community, and for the educational goals of the school.  Wearing a uniform encourages responsibility and self-discipline.

All students are expected to come to school neat, clean, and appropriately dressed for their learning environment.  Uniform clothing may be purchased from The Uniform Place, Target, Kohl's, The Children's Place, Sunrise Clothiers, and Frenchtoast.com.  Uniform resale events may be held at the beginning and/or end of the school year.

Parents will be notified if their child does not meet the dress code requirements and may be asked to bring appropriate attire for the student to wear.

uniform tops

  • Shirts must be tucked in at all times.
  • Forest green, white, or the approved shade of grey are acceptable.
  • Collared shirts, turtlenecks, or mock turtlenecks are acceptable.
  • Plain white or forest green sweaters, the approved school-logoed sweater, navy sweaters that are cardigan style (zipper or button-up) are acceptable.
  • The school-logoed sweatshirt is acceptable when worn with a collared shirt underneath.
  • Only plain, short-sleeved white t-shirts may be worn under uniform shirts.
  • Only solid uniform top colors (forest green, white, or grey) tank tops or camisoles may be worn under uniform shirts.

uniform bottoms

  • Twill or corduroy uniform/dress pants in navy blue or khaki are acceptable.
  • Pants may have one zipper, two front slash pockets, and up to two back pockets.  Cargo, painter's, or skinny, or low-rise pants may not be worn.
  • Girls:  Twill or corduroy skirts or jumpers in navy blue or khaki may be worn in addition to pants.  Skirts and jumpers may be pleated or straight, ranging from one inch above the knee to mid-calf. Leggings may be worn in solid white, forest green, navy blue, gray, or khaki only.


  • Shoes must be appropriate for a school setting and not pose any safety issues.
  • Shoes must have a closed toe and closed back. Shoe laces must remained tied.
  • Students must wear socks or stockings.  Socks must be white, grey, navy, or black.  No bare feet inside shoes.
  • Crocs, clogs, flip-flops, Heelys, high heels, platform shoes, and sandals are not allowed.

Outdoor Wear

  • Parents should dress children appropriately for the weather.
  • Grades K4-3: Students must wear boots and bring a pair of shoes to change into when there is snow on the ground.
  • Grades 4-8:  Students must wear boots or have an extra pair of shoes to change into when there is snow on the ground.
  • Coats, hats, and hooded sweatshirts (other than the approved school sweatshirts on Spirit Days) may not be worn during class time.

Warm Weather clothing--august, september, may, and june

  • Twill uniform/dress shorts in navy blue or khaki may be worn
  • Shorts may be one inch above the knee to mid-calf in length
  • Shorts may not be worn on church days.
  • Girls may also wear skorts or capri pants in navy blue or khaki.

gym clothing for boys and girls grades 3-8

  • A gym uniform and gym shoes must be worn for gym class
  • One gym uniform shirt imprinted with the school logo will be supplied by the school.  Additional gym shirts may be purchased from the school.
  • Gym shorts may be any athletic shorts that are green, black, blue, or grey.  Gym shorts may also be purchased from the school.
  • Students in grades 4-8 must bring deodorant.

General dress requirements

  • Hair may not be cut in a drastic style (no mohawks) or dyed as determined at the discretion of school officials.
  • Stud-type earrings may be worn.  No other facial or body piercings may be worn.
  • No tattoos may be displayed.
  • Only single strand necklaces and bracelets may be worn.
  • No nail polish or false fingernails.
  • No perfume, lipstick, blush, eye shadow, glitter, or other makeup may be worn. 
  • Seventh and eighth grade girls only ma wear light mascara and skin-toned acne medication or concealer.  Students with heavy mascara will be asked to remove it. 

spirit wear days

On designated spirit wear days, students may wear:

  • Blue jeans that are free of holes, rips, and tears
  • Official spirit wear shirts (including t-shirts and sweatshirts) or clothing that represents the school colors 
  • During warm weather months, shorts may be worn, including cargo shorts 
  • Skirt length requirements still apply
  • Please do not wear STAA athletic jerseys

Generous jeans days

On designated generous jeans days, students may wear:

  • Blue jeans that are free of holes, rips, and tears.
  • Shirts must be appropriate for a Catholic school setting.

theme days

Theme days may encourage students to dress according to a theme, such as Brewers wear, patriotic wear, etc. On these special days, all dress code guidelines will still apply with exception of the themed article(s) of clothing.