If your child would like to play soccer, please complete this form (one form per child) by March 13, 2017.  If registration is late, acceptance to the soccer program will be at the discretion of the Athletic Association.  If you have any questions about this soccer program, or would like to be considered as a coach, contact Melody Kawczynski at 414-202-1063 or email at melszu@yahoo.com.

·      To participate in Spring soccer, there is a one-time requirement to pay a fee of $60.00 per child or $250 maximum per family, along with a volunteer pre-payment check of $80.00.   Checks are to be made pauable to STAA Athletics.  Payment is due at Uniform pick up.   Children in K4 are considered “practice” league.  IF we are able to have a purely K4 (meaning no K5 participants) team this season, there is no fee.  More information to follow once I know how many children will be participating this coming up season.

·      The operating costs of the sports program (league fees, uniforms, equipment, etc.) are primarily funded by revenue generated from hosting games and tournaments during the volleyball and basketball seasons. For this reason, all sports participants are asked to volunteer for gym time. For each soccer season (fall and spring), there is a 2 shift requirement for each child participating per season. Families that do not serve the appropriate amount of volunteer time by the end of basketball season, your pre-dated check for $80.00 payable to STAA Athletics will be cashed on May 31, 2017.

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